Author Alex
Unity Asset – Cartoon B-Boys with Animations v1.04
A high quality, ready to go set of cartoon characters. Perfect for endless runners and platform games.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Cartoon Zombies v1.0
Modeling is an essential part of the 3D industry. You can not imagine any animated movie or video game without 3D models. Characters, props, environment, almost every idea needs to be represented as a 3D model either fully or partially. 3D is a versatile tool that will come in handy for any contemporary artist. But where to start? It`s much better to begin your 3D artist’s journey from tweaking some polygons and getting knowledge about 3D in
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Desert Castle Map
This pack contains a Desert level map. In latest version we added several new props to make level more interesting. Level is very low poly.
Author Alex
Here is mountain dragon. This wonderful creatures will certainly be a match for your heroic fantasy project.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – M.E. Town Creator v1.0
(Medieval Environments) Town Creator, is the first part of my newest series. The "M.E." series will consist of many Fantasy Environments, Structures, and Props to help you kick start your projects or games!
Author Alex
Unity Asset – First Person Assault Character Pack v1.2
Bloc Bros Studio releases a high quality First Person Assault Character Pack with a rigged and skinned model. Created for next generation of mobile platforms in mind with PBS textures and MotionBuilder/Unity Mecanim compatible rig.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Fantasy Environment Pack v1.0
This environment pack consists of multiple floor tiles, foliage, environment props, and building pieces. Each object is built with a modular approach in mind. This quick guide is intended to give an overview of the pack as well as some useful tips to getting started on your environment.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Sci-fi laboratory – modular interior and props v1.0
Mixaill studio presents a good solution for your games, VR projects and simulators. Pack include modular interior. You can create different sci-fi station, laboratory and other space building. Pack have test scene. All materials PBR.
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