Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.2 для DaVinci Resolve и Sony Vegas Win x64

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Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.2 для DaVinci Resolve и Sony Vegas Win x64

Boris Continuum Complete – это наиболее полный пакет плагинов для создания визуальных эффектов, когда-либо созданный для после эффектов и премьера про, предоставляющий более 200 фильтров, включая 3D-моделирования-объекты, такие как экструдированные тексты, 3D-моделирования-эффекты частиц, инструменты для цветокоррекции и восстановления изображений, эффекты бликов и освещения, оптический стабилизатор, эффекты переходов, искривления, свечения и кинематографические эффекты. Все фильтры поддерживают работу в многопроцессорных системах и аппаратное ускорение OpenGL для.

Оригинальное описание, инструкция по установке:

Welcome to Boris Continuum Complete 10, the world’s most comprehensive visual effects plug-in collection. BCC 10 includes over 200 plug-ins spanning seventeen visual effects categories and covering the full gamut of visual effect solutions. BCC10 adds 13 new plug-ins (8 effects and 5 transitions) plus support for integrated mocha planar mask tracking and a re-engineered PixelChooser.
Working in DaVinci Resolve
Supported Effects:

BCC supports DaVinci Resolve through the OFX plugin API. Due to certain limitations in the current DaVinci Resolve implementation of that plugin API, not all BCC filters will appear as options within the Resolve UI.

As of the initial release of Resolve 11 it is not currently possible for an OFX plugin to access the source layer at points in time that are more than roughly 5 frames from the current frame. Many BCC plugins access neighboring frames and may use restricted frame ranges when running in Resolve. Other BCC plugins such as Optical Stabilizer or Optical Flow fundamentally require access to frames at very widely spaced points in time and thus are not currently supported in Resolve. For similar reasons the familiar BCC Motion Tracker cannot be used for new motion tracking analysis runs in Resolve, however, it is still possible to import tracker data calculated in other environments such as Mocha or BCC tracker exports from other hosts.

Working in Sony Vegas
Using BCC Effects as “2 to 1 Transforms” (also known as “Custom Compositing Modes”):

In Vegas Pro for an effect to be able to access an alternate video layer (a layer other than the layer the effect is applied to) for processing it needs to be applied on a per track basis as a “2 to 1 Transform” or “Custom Compositing Mode”. Some filters such as BCC Light Wrap are only available as 2 to 1 Transforms since they fundamentally rely on being able to access a second layer which in Vegas is only possible for 2 to 1 Transforms. Other BCC filters such as Chroma Key Studio will be available as both normal effects and as 2 to 1 Transforms, although some features which require access to secondary layers will not be fully functional in the normal effect versions. To apply a custom Composite Mode choose the Compositing Mode icon for the track and then select the Custom option which brings up a list of available 2 to 1 Transform filters (see the screenshot below). Note that Compositing Mode choices in Sony Vegas are applied to the entire track.

(1) Remove old versions of BCC
(2) Install BCC10.0.0 with the trial code supplied
(3) Replace the OFX file at C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\BCC_OFX_3DObjects.ofx.bundle\Con tents\Win64 with the cracked one
(4) Replace the two DLLs at C:\Program Files\Boris FX, Inc\Lib\BCC OFX 10 with the cracked ones.
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