Digital Tutors – Texture Painting in Maya and Photoshop

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Digital Tutors – Texture Painting in Maya and Photoshop

Training video course: Texture Painting in Maya and Photoshop

Course Description:

No matter what type of asset you are creating, after the modeling has been completed and the UVs have been laid out, its time to begin painting textures. For many artists, Photoshop is the primary place for this step.This training will explore how Maya and Photoshop work together to create and apply
textures to our assets. To get started, we’ll first learn how to apply a material to our asset inside of Maya. From here we will export our geometry and bring it into Photoshop’s 3D workspace for texturing, where we will paint a diffuse and specular map.

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Creating materials and a exporting an asset for Photoshop
03. Creating a Photoshop file to work in
04. Customizing lighting in Photoshop
05. Painting a base texture for the body
06. Painting variation into the base body texture
07. Painting warmer colors into the body texture
08. Adding blemishes and details to the body
09. Using photographs for body texture
10. Using photographs for clothing texture
11. Painting dirt and wear on the clothing
12. Using photographs for the eye texture
13. Blending the eye texture
14. Painting fingernails, toenails and teeth
15. Painting a specular map
16. Saving texture maps from Photoshop
17. Plugging in and rendering maps

ENG | Duration 2h 45m | Project Files Included | MP4

Free download:

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Все ссылки нерабочие(((
Дмитрий пишет:
Все ссылки нерабочие(((