RGGEDU – Sports Photography and Retouching with Tim Tadder [ENG]

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RGGEDU – Sports Photography and Retouching with Tim Tadder [ENG]

Учебный видео курс: Sports Photography and Retouching with Tim Tadder

Оригинальное описание (ENG):
This tutorial is an opportunity to sit down with a major commercial photographer and listen to him answer common questions,
and questions you didn’t know you had yet, from the insider perspective of a working pro. Then you get to shadow him on shoots,
with the added bonus of him explaining what’s going on and why.

Finally, you hang out with Tim while he processes his photos and talks you through what he’s doing

General Overview

English Closed Caption Subtitles Included
RAW Files Included For You to Follow Along in Retouching
21+ Hours of HD Video Content Immediately Available for Download
49 Videos Included
Prerequisites Cover the Basics and Necessary Gear to Get Started
7 Extensive Shoots with 7 Different Activities
Photoshoots in both Studio and On Location Indoors & Outdoors
Post-Production in Lightroom & Photoshop
Retouching w/ Professional Athlete Retoucher Sef McCullough
Mobile Ready (iTunes Friendly)
Videos Cover Pre-Production, Photo Shoots, & Retouching
Learn From the Master Sports Advertising Photographer, Tim Tadder
Learn How to Shoot In Studio and On Location
Learn How to Direct and Pose Your Subjects
Learn How to Use Color Blocking
Learn How to Use Strip Boxes, Octos, Standard Reflectors, Scrims, and More
Learn How to Tone, Smooth, and Retouch Skin
Learn How to Utilize Your Shutter (Rear/First Curtain Sync)
Learn How to Utilize Natural Light and When to Introduce Strobes
Learn How to Build a Team
Step-by-Step Instructions on Retouching Athletes
Step-by-Step Instructions on Basic & Advanced Lighting
Advanced Retouching w/ Composites

Обновлен курс и ссылки на него.

MP4 1920x1080 | 21ч 16мин | ENG | +файлы проекта | 28.9 GB
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