Bloopanimation – Animation Part 1 + 2 – видеокурсы

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Bloopanimation – Animation Part 1 + 2 – видеокурсы

Учебные видео курсы: Animation Part 1 + 2

Описание курса (ENG):

What Will You Learn in the Course?

In this course I will take you step by step through all the tools and methods for character using Toon Boom Harmony.

 Interface

We’ll start by going over the Toon Boom interface and understand how to work with different display views and how to use the X-sheet like a traditional animator.

 Creating Artwork

We’ll go over different way to import or create artwork for your shot. We’ll learn how to create the outline and the fill for our characters, as well as adding special effects.

 Frame-by-Frame Animation

We’ll start animating our shot with traditional frame-by-frame animation, going through all the steps from planning the key poses, roughing out the animation, clean up and coloring.

 Rig a Character

After we cover the traditional side of 2D animation, we’ll use Harmony’s advanced rigging tools to bone-rig a character using cutout rigs, puppet rigging and deformation. We’ll also see how to set up mouth shapes for automatic lip-syncing.

 Finishing a Shot

Over the course of this program you’ll see how an entire fully-animated shot is produced. We’ll add special effects, camera movement in 3D space and export the final shot in different formats
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  1. Carlos
    CarlosRonin8 июня 2018 22:01
    There is a problem in part 6. I was able to download it to part 5. I did not get part 6. Can you put part 6 back? Thank you!
    1. alex
      alex9 июня 2018 08:29
      All parts are available on the hitfile.
      1. Carlos
        CarlosRonin11 июня 2018 06:13
        When I try to download the part 6 the following error occurs: "Limit reached for free download of this file"
        1. alex
          alex11 июня 2018 16:15
          Mmm.. try to use premium account.
          1. Carlos
            CarlosRonin28 июля 2018 23:51
            My friend, one of the advantages of your site is the fact that it is free. If I get a premium account I will have to pay. Thank you!
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