Udemy – Unity 5 Mastering 3D Animation in Unity

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Udemy – Unity 5 Mastering 3D Animation in Unity

Учебный видео курс: Unity 5 Mastering 3D Animation in Unity

Описание курса:

This Is a MUST HAVE For Unity, All PC and Mac Files Are Included

Is for seasoned animators and Unity practitioners who want to bring their characters to life in a game environment and want to learn the ins and outs of the mecanim system. All aspects of animation in Unity is covered from physics, key framing, curves, forward and inverse kinematics, animation state machines and working with third party assets. Students will be introduced to elementary code, in C#, that is essential for making dynamic animations and triggers to control character behaviour at run time. The course begins with the very basics of the Unity interface and progresses to an in-depth examination of all the mecanim components including the Animation, Animator, DopeSheet and Curve windows. The majority of lectures are follow-along, hands-on workshops in which the student will explore a variety of animation techniques from creating a simple bouncing ball through to a complex animation for a wall climbing character. Animated models and starter projects are included for students who are not confident in creating their own. By the end of this course, the student will have thoroughly explored the functionality of the mecanim system, under the instruction of an internationally recognised university professor, and be well on their way to developing snippets of code to control all aspects of 3d game animation.

What am I going to get from this course?

create animations from scratch using the Unity Mecanim system and place them onto game objects.
import third party animated assets into Unity and setup animation controllers.
write C# code to dynamically control animations through user interaction.
explore the use of inverse kinematics in humanoid rigs.
create complex animation sequences and blends dynamically controlled by the user at runtime.
Формат: MP4, 7ч, ENG
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  1. dewa18 ноября 2017 11:25
    hi alex, do you have this course?
    "Unity Networking From Scratch"

    thank you..
  2. alex
    alex18 ноября 2017 12:56
    I do not have this course, but do you need it?
  3. dewa18 ноября 2017 15:15
    yes but no problem if you dont have it.

    sorry for my poor english
  4. bugmenot3 февраля 2018 20:09
    Hey ALEX Bro can you Upload this Course again on Uploaded.net i can't download from uploaded.net anymore it's saying "Page Not Found" when i visit the Webpage.

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