Udemy – Unity 5 Character Gear and Weapon use

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Udemy – Unity 5 Character Gear and Weapon use

Учебный видео курс: Unity 5 Character Gear and Weapon use

Описание курса:

You will learn how to use free tools to make an amazing game from scratch as I will show you every single line of programming and how to use Unity 3D to be able to make professional games all by yourself quickly and without having to spend money.

Then we will get to create a project, add levels and add characters to it. You will also learn how to animate your characters with life-like animations. You will learn how to create items such as swords, shields, shoulder pads and helmets and learn how to have your character pick them up and equip them on.

Now, this course is meant to make things this super easy for you. All the steps are shown to you in the video lectures, so you cant possibly miss a step.

The skills you will learn in this course can be applied to so many more projects as they are the core foundations of any professional video games

What am I going to get from this course?

work with Unity3D interface and monoDevelop programming interface
use character with rigging system
create sequences of life-like animations
setup characters to allow weapon and gear equipping
pickup items and equip them on

All PC And Mac Files Included
Формат: MP4, 4ч, 09мин, ENG, +файлы проекта
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