Gumroad – Gunner Mech Concept Design Tutorial

Author Alex
Gumroad – Gunner Mech Concept Design Tutorial

Gumroad – Gunner Mech Concept Design Tutorial
MP4 3840x2160 | Total time: 11h 48m | ENG | Project Files Included

This tutorial will show you how to create a super bad-*** space marine like design, AKA Juggernaut unit – 01!
It’s a super long and detailed tutorial with a lot of great information that will help bring you up to a master level for creating a great character design. Its a must have for anyone looking to create a high end concept designs inside Z-Brush

What topics are covered?

– How to create a design from scratch using nothing!

– It only covers the concept design and refinement process, no rendering or Photoshop work.
The rendering is very straight forward as so is the Photoshop work, I have added these files in so you can study these files in detail to see what I did to render and colour this design.

What do I get?

– 13 hrs of video with narration.

– Z-brush model file

-Keyshot model File

-PSD Files


– Intermediate to beginners knowledge of Z-Brush, if you know the basics of how brushes work in Z-Brush you should be fine.

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