Skillshare – Python for Blender – Modifiers

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Skillshare – Python for Blender – Modifiers

Skillshare – Python for Blender – Modifiers

This course will act as the foundation for procedural modeling in Blender.
We will tackle the main geometry generation problems step by step.
No previous knowledge on Blender nor Python is required to follow along.

While covering best practices for (procedural) modeling we will also stand still around code separation and making sure the script is reusable and readable in the future.

We will have an in depth look into Python functions and how to apply them correctly.

This course is very hands-on. Everything is explained in detail while giving you the freedom to discover the possibilities and practice on your own.

Stimulating this behaviour is the key to retaining information in the long term.

During this course we will cover multiple topics including:

Overview of all tools and utilities Blender has to offer

Using the console and tooltips efficiently

Close look at how to structure and group your code

Converting and Applying Best Practices in Modeling & Programming / Scripting

Data Structures in Python ( List, Dictionary, Float, String, Int )

Generating Objects through Code

Generating and Applying Modifiers through Code
Baking those modifiers in to the geometry through Code

Working with and implementing the math function library

Many Many More

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