CGMaster Academy – Anatomy of Clothing

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CGMaster Academy – Anatomy of Clothing

CGMaster Academy – Anatomy of Clothing

Create realistic costumes and materials

In this class, we will deconstruct the materials, from their tensile strength and geometric construction to their surface properties or how they absorb and reflect light. We will work with the armature from the analytical figure drawing class and work on draw through as learned in dynamic sketching class, organizing the clothing into simple easy to use forms using the draw through approach. Other concepts we will cover include the laws of folds, the 7 different types of folds and how they happen, how movement affects the geometry of the drapery, tension points, abstractions and rhythms, rendering and much more. Be prepared to do a lot of construction and rendering.

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  1. Alex
    MDeath2020 October 1 14:27
    Do you happen to have the course by any chance? If so, could you upload it please? Btw, thanks for all the uploads, I am incredibly grateful to you for helping and sharing these awesome courses with us.
    1. Sonya2020 October 1 16:46
      A hope, this course will be later
  2. lucy
    Lucy2020 October 3 01:01
    Outstanding stuff as always. Thank you all of you! heart_eyes

    Kind Regards
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