Udemy – Methods of 3D Compositing Nuke Masterclass – NK202

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Udemy – Methods of 3D Compositing Nuke Masterclass – NK202

Udemy – Methods of 3D Compositing Nuke Masterclass – NK202

Learn 3d VFX Compositing workflows inside of Nuke from a PRO. Projections, 3d camera tracking, cleanplating, and more!

What you'll learn

Planar Tracking / Cornerpin Techniques / Texture Extraction
3D Compositing Theory (Parallax, Camera Moves, Camera Solves, Triangulation, and MORE.)
Integration Techniques
3d Nodes, and 3d System Concepts
How to troubleshoot a tricky shot
3d Tracking, Solving, Scaling, and Orienting a scene properly.
3d World Building Basics
Projections and projection concepts
Laying out geometry to match a 3d scene
Looking at a scene, and knowing which tool (or tools) can be used in combination to solve it the problem


Understand the basics of Nuke interface, and basics of 2d Compositing. (This can be found in my other course on Udemy, NK101)
Must have a PC or Mac that can run Nuke (Most can!)


This is an extensive Nuke Compositing course on 3d workflows inside of Nuke from an Industry Professional with years of Hollywood feature film experience.

You will learn the basics of the Nuke 3d system, up to an intermediate level, starting the most commonly used nodes and ending on advanced projections.

First, what do I need to know entering this course?:

If you already have a basic understanding of Nuke, you're good to go!

However, if you need to learn the absolute basics you can learn them on my previous course (on Udemy) Introduction to Nuke - NK101.

What will you learn?

3d Compositing Concepts (Camera moves, Parallax, Tracking, Triangulation, Solving Cameras, Orienting a 3d Scene to a real scene)

The basics 3d nodes (Geometry, Cameras, Rendering, Lighting)

How to build 3d scenes

3D Camera Projections

Cleanplating Techniques (Removing objects from the real world, or replacing entire parts of the real world)

Planar Tracking

Extra techniques and tricks along the way

What projects do I get to work on in this course?:

1. A planar track, replacing a side of vehicle, and even faking a reflection, using expressions in Nuke

2. A very in depth project, involving a 3d model construction, projections, cleanplating (removing an object), and re-projecting a stabilized image. We will move a driving car off of a path, and put it onto a beach (*All while the camera is moving*)

3. A sky replacement in Nuke using various techniques, and teaching how to deal with different Nodal Pan situations

Why this is the right course:

I am a professional Visual Effects Compositor who has worked on numerous large scale hollywood feature films, such as Avengers: Endgame, or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I have moved around the globe working for the top visual effects studios, and I have worked on thousands of composited shots (at the highest level).

So far, my students have loved my previous courses, and I'm sure you will get a lot of value from this course.

I have broken down the most complicated concepts of 3d compositing into visual diagrams, so that you can learn these concepts much faster than by reading technical papers!

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