Schoolism – Color and Light Workout with Nathan Fowkes

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Schoolism – Color and Light Workout with Nathan Fowkes

Schoolism – Color and Light Workout with Nathan Fowkes
MP4 1920x1080 | 30 Days Course | ENG | Project Files Included

Strengthen your artistic muscles with Nathan Fowkes, concept artist and color stylist for DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky Studios, and many others!

Nathan has created 30 demonstrations lasting up to an hour each and provided all the relevant references so you can paint along with each workout every day for 30 days. The workout is carefully structured to take you through the process of:

- Understanding light and surface to give a compelling believability to your subjects.
- Creating meaningful color harmonies.
- Managing and organizing the complexities and difficulties of color.
- Creating color harmonies to convey powerful emotions.
- Tackling a single subject with many different color and lighting solutions to create a different emotion each time.

The workout will also guide you through the process of visual storytelling by quickly comping out your ideas tonally then bringing them into an emotional color design. Nathan will even show how to bring an idea to a loose but presentation finish in just one hour!

And you don't have to be an animation artist, this workout is for any and every artist who uses color and light!

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  1. lucy
    Lucy2020 September 15 05:37
    Thank you very much sincerely for making many of my dreams come true.
    Much light for each of you. kissing_closed_eyes heart_eyes
  2. loi
    loi4a19812020 September 17 16:58
    please add free download, ...please..please..
    1. Sonya2020 September 18 14:21
      Use mediacoin for free download
      1. loi
        loi4a19812020 September 20 12:09
        Thank you very much, I will try it
  3. mii2020 September 22 01:23
    Could you upload Schoolism – Drawing Portraits in Charcoal with Nathan Fowkes on mediacoin?

    1. SonyaYesterday, 20:17
      Done, check here -
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