Gumroad – Intro to ship design + Moi3D basics

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Gumroad – Intro to ship design + Moi3D basics

Gumroad – Intro to ship design + Moi3D basics

In this tutorial I will show you the basics of Moi3D and how to create a ship from start to finish, using Moi3D, Blender, Octane render and Photoshop.

The tutorial is accessible to everyone. I will guide you through the process of designing your spaceship going from very simple shapes to a more complex and finished design, all in a matter of just a few hours.

If you are a Blender user like me, you will see that it shares many similar shortcuts with Moi3D, which I found to be very convenient.

If you don’t have Octane, no problem! You can get the same result with any other good rendering engine.

What you get:

• 5 hours of narrated videos (normal speed)

• PART I: Covers Moi3D basics and all my tips & shortcuts: 1 hour

• PART II: Ship demo, covers all the steps to designing a ship in Moi3D: 3h20

• PART III: Kitbashing in blender, setting-up the scene in Octane Render, Final touch-ups in Photoshop: 1 hour.

• My shortcuts (allow you to be faster, Blender friendly)

• Textures used, Renders, JPGs, PSDs, Blender scenes, OBJs, Octane scene.

• Kitbash set: 1x jet engine, 1x space engine, 1x cockpit, 1x small prop, .OBJ, .BLEND

Why use Moi3D?

It is a CAD modeling tool, meaning there is no limit to detail.

It is very fast and efficient, and you can create shortcuts for almost every action.

The export system (.OBJ, .FBX etc...) is very powerful, and allows you to control the density of the geometry from very low to very high poly, and oh, it exports very cool UV automatically as well !

One of my favorite tools by far, I hope you find it as useful as I do!

Update 2020_06_17:

Shortcuts added

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