Gumroad – Crimson Ronin – 3D PBR character creation for games (ENG/RUS)

Author Alex
Gumroad – Crimson Ronin – 3D PBR character creation for games (ENG/RUS)

Gumroad – Crimson Ronin – 3D PBR character creation for games (ENG/RUS)

In this course I will show you my whole process to create a current gen PBR character for games.

This course cover every single step from sculpting to the final render inside of Blender realtime engine EEVEE.

47 videos, for over 9 hours of detailed process, including step by step technical explanation, commented video and timelapses. All videos are professionaly edited.

All production files available (Zbrush sculpt, OBJ files, blender files, substance painter project, textures, references, HDRi)

Chapters descritpion :

Overview of the course, the goals and the files
Character sculpting in Zbrush
Armour and equipement sculpting in Zbrush and Blender
Retopology in Blender
Optimised UVs creation in Blender
Advanced baking technics in Blender
Base texturing in Blender and Photoshop
Texturing in Substance Painter
Posing and render in blender

In the end, you should know how to create a PBR character for games with a low polygon budget (under 10K triangles).


Этот курс охватывает каждый шаг создания персонажа для игр, от скульптинга в ZBrush до окончательного рендеринга в реалтайм движке EEVEE в Blender 2.80.

Продолжительность: 09:34:21
Язык озвучки: Русский, Английский

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  1. Guest Anton2020 September 30 05:57
    Нет русской озвучки
    1. Sonya2020 October 1 12:50
      Вы какие ссылки качали?
  2. Alex
    All_Rd2020 October 2 15:55
    Добрый день!
    Нет русской озвучки качал hitfiles
    1. Sonya2020 October 4 13:41
      Надо качать файлы Gumroad - 3D PBR Character Creation for Games ENG-RUS - там есть русский. Только что проверила.
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