Unreal Engine Marketplace – Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

Unreal Engine Marketplace | Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

A C++ multipayer first person shooter template project which loadout customization and other modern FPS game features.


The first person shooter template project can be used as the base for your own FPS project or simply to explore and reuse the C++ source code and important assets. It includes many essential features for modern multiplayer FPS games, such as:
• Loadout and customization
• Fast-paced gunplay
• Teams or all against all
• Optional third person view
• World interaction
• Medic kit, ammo box
• Scoreboard
• Killfeed
• Score notifications
• Chat
• Mini map (multiple floors supported)
• Main menu
• Main and in game menu options
• Host server menu
• Server browser

Note: The images and videos show the FPS Kit in combination with other marketplace projects, like the Agents Character Pack, the Subway Environment, and the FPS Weapons Pack. None of the assets from any of those projects are included in the FPS Kit, however it is easy to add these or similar asset packs to the project.

For the integration of the FPS Weapons Pack, please use these steps:
1. Make sure you downloaded the latest version of the FPS Weapons Pack and the FPS Kit
2. Create a new FPS Kit project or skip if you already have one
3. Close the project
4. Open the FPS Weapons Pack folder in your Unreal Launcher Vault directory (usually at “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache\FPSWeaponsPack\data\Content”)
5. Copy the “FPS_Weapons_Pack” folder
6. Navigate to the “Content” directory of your FPS Kit project
7. Paste the folder from your clipboard and agree to merge folders and replace existing files
8. Now open your project and enjoy the new assets!
Technical Details

Number of Materials: 31
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variations: No (Only a few)
Number of Textures: 62
Texture Resolutions:
1024×1024: Scopes, trash container, fuel tank
512×512: Suppressor
256×256: HUD icons, scope haircrosses, lens normal, lens roughness
64×64: Kill cause icons, firemode icons
32×32: Simple crosshair texture
4×16: Default crosshair texture
Intended Platform: Desktop
Platforms Tested: Desktop
Documentation Included: No

Important/Additional Notes:
This is a C++ project. In UE 4.10 and later, the binary download of the engine will require the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable components to be installed for the editor to run. The redistributable components are not the same as the full Visual Studio 2015 installation, but are just a handful of DLLs that any VS2015-compiled program needs. Microsoft typically installs these automatically with Windows Update, but Epic includes Microsoft’s standalone installer with the engine for anyone that has Windows Update disabled or isn’t up to date.

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  1. mort3z43721 апреля 2017 07:18
    http://hitfile.net/xlAfJwa and http://www.turbobit.net/0w17ginx515f.html
    speed download very slow
    best uplooder for download www.uplooder.net
    not limited and very fast download and free for all
    now uplood to www.uplooder.net to single part
  2. alex
    alex21 апреля 2017 09:04
    Are you using hostings hitfile.net or turbobit.net in free mode or buying a premium account?
  3. mort3z43721 апреля 2017 10:29
    free mod
    the version that you've laid out what difference does it make
    removed external link
  4. alex
    alex21 апреля 2017 11:42
    Цитата: mort3z437
    free mod

    And what do you want from the free mode?
    On any file hosting you can normally download only on the premium account (maximum speed, no restrictions). Forget the free mode.
  5. mort3z43727 апреля 2017 09:04
    How to install. I transfer content here
    C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.15
    But the editor and project. The game does not show
  6. mort3z43728 апреля 2017 08:38
    Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit
    upload to uploaded.net or uplooder.net or other uplooder now
  7. alex
    alex28 апреля 2017 09:02
    relax man, there will be no other file hosting
  8. mort3z43730 апреля 2017 06:04
    The project is quite incomplete
  9. heretic1331 ноября 2017 13:54
    Hey gfx-hub, you are the best. Thanks for your uploads
    This version of shooter kit does not work with 4.17. recently the new version that is working with 4.17 is in marketplace. I was wondering if you could update yours too.
    Again . . . . You are AWESOME.
  10. alex
    alex1 ноября 2017 14:59
    If there is an opportunity, we will necessarily rassharim the new version. Thanks for the good words - come in more often, bring your friends!
  11. reymond24 августа 2018 11:07
    Hello could you please upload the new version of Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit from unreal engine marketplance, Thanks.
  12. tima26 августа 2018 08:43
    please we want updated version it's no longer working on 4.19!
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