Unity Asset – Weather Maker 2D & 3D Sky System

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Unity Asset – Weather Maker 2D & 3D Sky System

Weather Maker 2D & 3D Sky System – система погоды и цикла день-ночь для Unity

Этот ассет представляет собой великолепную погодную систему для игрового движка Unity 5, включает в себя цикл день-ночь и множество реалистичных погодных эффектов с массой настроек: процедурные шейдеры облаков, красивые скайбоксы, дождь, снег, гром, туман и проч.

Оригинальное описание (ENG):

Version: 1.9.0 (Feb 09, 2017) Size: 138.6 MB VR ready

Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.

Weather Maker is a complete weather and sky sphere system for Unity. With both 2D and 3D modes, Weather Maker is the last asset you will need for weather and sky in your Unity app or game. Full C# source code and shader code is provided!

Weather Maker is fully VR ready and has been tested with HTC Vive on Windows 10.

The following effects are included:
• Rain, snow, hail, sleet with mist and collision option.
• Volumetric Fog - High performance, mobile friendly, no branching or ray-tracing. Lots of configuration options and optimizations.
• Day / night cycle with time of day and accurate moon and sun positions based on latitude, longitude and date.
• Fully procedural sky, procedural + blend texture or fully textured sky sphere options.
• Day, dawn/dusk and night texture with cross-fade.
• Sky sphere clouds, with proper lighting for sunset / sunrise. Also contains moon and highly configurable clouds.
• Lightning
• Thunder
• Proper light handling for precipitation and clouds. Fades directional light at dawn and dusk.
• Wind
Weather effects fade in and out or cross-fade seamlessly both audio and visual, to ensure life-like and smooth transitions. Wind and particle collisions, along with realistic lighting add that extra bit of realism.

I've leveraged my Procedural Lightning Asset to give Weather Maker the best storm lightning on the planet.

Storm clouds really come to life and look stunning, especially when lit up at night by lightning.

The sky sphere in Weather Maker has many different operational modes. With sphere, panorama, dome and double dome modes and more, Weather Maker will work great with all your sky sphere textures.
Rendering just one texture makes the sky sphere highly performant, even on mobile!

The latest version of Weather Maker requires the most newest Unity version. Please ensure you are up to date on your Unity version.

Home Page: _http://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/60955
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