Unity Asset – Moba Storm Asset v2.5

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Unity Asset – Moba Storm Asset v2.5

Moba Storm Asset v2.5 - универсальный фраймворк для мультиплеера в Unity.

Оригинальное описание (ENG):

Requires Unity 5.1.3 or higher.
New version 2.5!


-Now you can create, edit and customize items, with the new editor window.

-Icon Selection , Name, Description, Cost, Consumable and weapon (passive-active) supported.

-Custom Method Calling for new behaviours, simply add your custom method to MobaItemMethod script and you have it available on the editor to use with any item or weapon.

-Cleaner code.

Separated scripts for client side and server side.

-Object pooling (NETWORK). changing instantiate() and destroy(), of minions and abilities for a complete new pooling system.

-Login Method improvement.

-Improve of multiple networking operations and RPC calls, to reduce bandwidth.

-MobaStorm.DrainMana() simplified method. Now it drains mana on the server and the players just by calling it.

-MobaStorm.UserClick() Method to send the click attack to the server with just one method. -Mouse Pointer improvement, now its not instantiated every time the player clicks on something.

Requires uLink network libraries by UnityPark.

You can download a trial version in this link (this trial version is fully functional and doesnt have expiration time)

uLink Network Download

Official Website




Complete fun working MOBA game where you can choose a character to fight against the enemy team, where neutral monsters spawn and towers defend the "Big Core”. Every time you kill a minion or a player you gain experience, which allow you to level up your character with more health and more damage. The game ends when a team destroys the big enemy core!!!!

• Experience split between the killers

• Gold when you kill an enemy

• Teleport to base

• Standard MOBA keys QWER

• Minimap

• Item Management and inventory.

• Abilities can slow enemies, stun, dot, hot, teleport… you can even write your custom scripts to customize abilities.


• Menu animations with different behaviors

• Login system and registration, integrated with PHP and MySQL

• Lobby, general chat

• Server list where you can see the actual players and their names

• Char selection window with portraits and sounds for each character

• Client - lobby system - master server and node implementation

• Server creation, launching multiple standalone apps for each match (Multiple server instances used in many games) using ulink, ulobby, uzone

• Enemy ia, waypoints integration, using unity navmesh.

• 2 custom characters with animations and custom spells

• You can create new characters, new enemies with just a few lines of code, even you can fully customize your spells and attacks creating your custom scripts, you want a spell that stun a player? And deal dot at the same time? Or maybe a spell that teleports you and deals aoe dmg??? You can do it easily with a few lines of code there is no limits!!!

• This is not a user interface creation asset. It requires mid to advance knowledge of unity 3d and C# to work with..

• I´m working full time on this project so there will be a constant update releases, new characters, and support.

Link asset: http://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/40792
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