Unity Asset – Sword Animset Pro v1.0

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Unity Asset – Sword Animset Pro v1.0

Unity Asset – Sword Animset Pro v1.0

This package contains a set of over 170 motion captured animations for characters armed with a sword. It also contains a TPP sword fighting game template with "drag and drop" Player and Enemies controllers, made in PlayMaker visual scripting plugin in Unity.

You need PlayMaker for the controller to work

If you don't want to use PlayMaker, you can still use all the animations to build your own controller. The animations do not require PlayMaker to work.

All animations are in FBX format, baked on Autodesk HIK skeleton, used in all Kubold's animation packages. They use Mecanim Humanoid Rig, but can be converted to Generic or Legacy rig. All animations, except platformer jumping, use Root Motion.

Included motions:

- walking
- running
- attacks
- parrys, blocks
- hits
- counters
- deaths
- knockdowns
- falling
- jumping (platformer style)
- getting up
- equip/unequip sword
- slow walking (for guards and such)
- taunts
- victory cheers

Included models:

- saracen model (6222 poly, 4K textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)
- dummy character
- sword (4K textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)
- shield (4K textures: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)

Included prefabs:

- Player
- Enemy (AI, Navigation, combat)
- health pack
- kill counter
Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Category: Unity Animations
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/animations/sword-animset-pro-38302

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