Unity Asset – Tunnel & Twist

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Unity Asset – Tunnel & Twist

Unity Asset – Tunnel & Twist

Tunnel is a full arcade game template ready for release.

It is optimized for mobile (iOS iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) standalone (Windows PC and Mac OSX), web player, webGL, and tvOS (Apple TV).

How to play?

On mobile : tap on the left of the screen to jump left, and on the right side of the screen to jump right.
If you miss a platform: you fail.
If not: your earn one point.
On desktop/web : use the left and right arrow to jump left or right.

On AppleTV: touch the gamepad or swipe on the left or on the right to jump left or right.

Clean, simple and easy to understand commented C# code
Easy to understand, perfect to learn.

This pack includes:

- Full game ready to use with addictive gameplay
- Optimized for Mobile
- Touch input for mobile and mouse/keyboard input for web and desktop
- Curved world procedural shader. It'is not an Image Effect. It's simple, but very powerful per mesh material shader effect. The curvature means objects rendering as being bended only inside camera view, while their world space parameters: position, rotation, scale are not changed or modified.
- The game react to the music! The music detection algorithm detect the beats of any audio source in realtime by using frequency spectrum analysis (FFT)
- Infinite procedural level generation system
- Input touch controller for mobile
- Input touch controller for tv OS (Unity 5.3.1+ only)
- Color manager who will switch randomly the color with pastel colors
- Keyboard input controller for web and desktop (Mac OS X and Windows).
- Mouse input for web and desktop (mac and windows).
- Music and Sound FX included
- Spawn pool system (quick and easy object pooling script. This poolManager is made to be as simple to use and setup as making a new game object)
- Simple to Customize

This pack is ready to use and compatible with:

✪ Leaderboard (iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Game Service): this game is compatible with Very Simple Leaderboard. Get it here: Very Simple Leaderboard, and import it to your project and you will ready to use leaderboard in a minute!
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✪ GIF sharing with Very Simple Gif
: this game is compatible Very Simple Gif
.Get it here: Very Simple Gif
import it to your project and you will ready to record your screen and share GIF from this record !
✪ Rating System with a bad reviews protection guarantee? Try Very Simple Rate Us. Get it here: Very Simple Rate Us.
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(Work with Dotween Free and Pro. Dotween is free and available on the Asset Store)

(All features work in Unity and Unity Pro - demo scenes included!)

Asset Details:
  • Current Version: N/A
  • Category: Unity Templates
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/packs/tunnel-twist-55363

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