Unity Asset – Maintainer v1.6.5

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Unity Asset – Maintainer v1.6.5

Unity Asset – Maintainer v1.6.5

Maintainer keeps your projects neat and clean with this 3-in-1 feature set:

• Issues Finder: find & fix problems and issues
• References Finder: find references to assets in project or to objects in hierarchy
• Project Cleaner: clean unused assets from your project

Each feature is packed into the separate module, see all modules details below.

Issues Finder
Searches your project for different issues like missing scripts, missing references, duplicate components, and more. It also able to fix some of these issues in one-by-one or batch mode to let you quickly get rid of them.

References Finder
- search entire project for asset references with Project Assets scope search
- search active scene or prefab for Game Objects and Components references with Hierarchy Objects scope search

All found references include asset path if necessary, exact object transform path, component name and even property path if possible.

Project Cleaner
Looks for the garbage in your project, lets you inspect it and remove unnecessary assets one-by-one or in batch mode.

Overall highlights
- flexible filtering & ignoring options
- easy and comfortable results navigation
- extra care for the corner cases
- public API to integrate into your pipeline
- results export to share with team from some modules (example)

Other things to note
- supports both dark and bright Unity skins
- intuitive and easy to use
- Assembly Definition & .NET 4.6 friendly
- works everywhere, even on Linux
Asset Details:
  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Category: Unity Tools
  • More Info: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/maintainer-32199

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