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Author Alex
Unity Asset – Low Poly Ultimate Pack
The Ultimate Pack for low poly graphic. Great for prototyping / making any lowpoly games.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – RUSTIC Grass v1.25
This new Pack contains of 100 Unique Grass Textures, all in High Quality (.psd Files) and directly settled for using in Unity 5 (Alpha Blending adjusted, Perfect Background Color & Alpha Transparency).
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Super Raycast v1.4
Super Raycast gives you high quality raycasting against Renderers including animated SkinnedMeshRenderers without the need for colliders, collision meshes, or other setup.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Poly Art: Fox v1.5
They're so many amazing Low Poly Art Environments but is so sad that there's no wildlife to populate them.. So here is some beautiful animals! (Foxes)
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Smart Slicer 2D Pro
Smart Slicer 2D is a powerful tool to modify 2D objects that are using 2D Colliders.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – AdvancedShaders Pro Pack v1.0
AdvancedShaders Pro package will includes any current and upcoming shader packages of mine. Besides the released Surfaces package which you can try here, there will also be image effects, special-fx shaders and the most required vertex-blending shaders, including a vertex painting tool.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – EZSprite
EZSprite provides a simple solution for 2D sprite animation managment.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Advanced Builder v1.3.4
Advanced Builder provides an easy way to build in one click, multiple versions of your game on a lot of platforms.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Android Native Pro v2019.18
The asset goal is simple. We want to build the best Android native plugin on the Unity Asset Store. The plugin contains all the Android features you can think of, but in case you miss something, do not hesitate to get in touch.
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