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Daz3D, Poser: Natural Lips - Merchant Resource
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Title: Misc – Natural Lips - Merchant Resource (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

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Natural Lips- A Merchant Resource | Include: 1 Template-Sheet with 20 single natural lips as psd-format based on G8Female Facetemplate 20 premade lips merged jpg-Files matching 20 specular-maps matching 20 normal-maps for each Liptemplate Important: The single Lips are located into the psd-Template Natural-Lips.psd and starts with the Lips-Number 1 - all others are hiding- just click to make them visible You must have knowledge how to handle pds-Files to select the single Lips from that sheet Alternative: use the jpg-Templates, every Lips has one If you need it for your projects: Normalmaps and Specularmaps are included You can: alter them, resize, recolor- any handling you like - but you have to merge and blend it with a Texturemap of a Facetemplate- for every commercial and personal use you cannot made commercial shader of it or give it away for free. not for make any package similar like this

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