iRadiance - HDRI 8K Variety Pack Five for Iray

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iRadiance - HDRI 8K Variety Pack Five for Iray

Title: Misc – iRadiance - HDRI 8K Variety Pack Five for Iray (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

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iRadiance - HDRI Variety Pack Five adds a wide variety of locations to your runtime, letting you instantly add 3D models and content to real world environments complete with lighting. Each HDRI has a very high range of lighting information with as much as 15 EVs worth of exposure information for hard shadows and accurate reflections. The 8192 x 4096 resolution makes sure there is enough detail for each location to be used as backgrounds as well as lighting. Separate presets for loading 5 different cameras per HDRI will help you instantly render great angles at your character's default loading location. Included preview rigs for each panorama allow you to easily see a portion of the HDRI in your 3D view before rendering. This makes it much easier to position character and props in an intuitive way.

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