Pose Fusion Plus for Genesis to Genesis 8

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Pose Fusion Plus for Genesis to Genesis 8

Title: Misc – Pose Fusion Plus for Genesis to Genesis 8 (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

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Introducing Pose Fusion Plus! Based on the power of Pose Fusions design, this product gives you the ability to easily mix and match poses, as well as save them out any way you want. Split any pose and load it onto any part of the figure. Owners of Pose Fusion will also have its interface automatically integrated inside Plus, meaning only one script is needed for usage. Pose Fusion is not a requirement in order to use the native features inside Pose Fusion Plus. You can also minimize the script or assign a shortcut key to open the script which will speed up your workflow when modifying or creating a pose. Note: Pose Fusion Plus can also be used as a Merchant Resource as long as the Pose or Pose Set you are modifying is of your Own Creation. To see the product in action, please see video below.

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