Sukai 8 Superhero Bundle

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Sukai 8 Superhero Bundle

Title: Bundles – Sukai 8 Superhero Bundle (Free fownload for Daz Studio or Poser)

Product Details:
  • Brand: DAZ 3D
  • Compatible Figures: Genesis 8 Male
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Sukai is a young, energetic superhero. A role model for the citizens of her metropolis, she's fun and has a bubbly personality. She and her gang of super-girls can often be seen flying around the city doling out justice to purse-snatchers and alien invaders alike. They also star in a popular series of comic books centered around the morals of being able to do anything with the power of friendship (and, of course, amazing outfits). But now’s no time for reading comics... Sukai is ready to save the city (or planet) with the Sukai 8 Superhero Bundle! This super Bundle comes with Sukai 8, additional characters Cosma, Verity, and Masami, Hair, three awesome Outfits with two additional Textures packs, two Pose packs and a bonus Superhero Expression pack. Get the Sukai 8 Superhero Bundle and get ready to watch your favorite new Superhero gang up with her friends to save the world!

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