Photoshop Creative Annual Volume 2 2016

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8-12-2016, 16:36
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Photoshop Creative Annual Volume 2 2016

A collection of the best tutorials and projects from Photoshop Creative magazine

Photoshop basics
- Get to grips with the most essential tools by making practical projects

Photo editing
- Discover the retouching skills you need to perfect your photos

Surreal art
- Master the art of photomanipulation and learn to composite fantasy scenes

Digital art
- Practise digital illustration and painting techniques to make striking masterpieces

Also inside...
- Feature
Make your own brushes, textures, fonts & more

- Photoshop basics
Use Adobe Stock
Improve composition in photos
Get to grips with the Text tool
Create simple posters with the Pen tool
Design your own craft materials
Build a digital scrapbook
Make personalised playing cards
Produce your own newspaper
Apply a jigsaw effect

- Photo editing
Retouch a portrait with ease
Stitch stunning panoramas
Enhance sports photos
Give portraits a gothic makeover
Make a collage from one photo
Create a fantasy portrait
Fake long exposure
Get the HDR look with filters
Add a vintage pin-up effect
5 of the best time-saving tips for editing photos
10 of the best image-editing apps

- Surreal art
Create a double exposure
Use masks to build an underwater city
Get creative with layers
Make surreal art with filters
Control your compositions
Build a fantasy flying island
Add fun effects with layer styles
Create a zero-gravity effect
Make surreal art with masks
10 of the best tips for creating surreal artwork

- Digital art
Draw cartoons with the Pen tool
Smudge paint a portrait
Create a furry text effect
Make a simple dot painting
Paint with a limited colour palette
Easily build a 3D scene
Design a personalised board game
Paint like Monet
Build a 2D city with the Pen tool
10 of the best painting tips
5 of the best illustration tricks
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