Poliigon – Rock Models

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Poliigon – Rock Models

Poliigon – Rock Models

Few assets get as much mileage as a rock. Archviz, environments, sci-fi planets – all encrusted with rock. Like a screwdriver to a tradesmen, a rock is to a 3D artist.
But you’ve probably also experienced your fair share of bad rocks – stretching, lack of detail, uneven lighting etc.
So we spent months making a significant investment into our photoscanning workflow to create a collection of rocks that just work.

How we did it
Everybody knows photoscanning is king. But there’s miles of difference between a ‘good’ photoscan, and an ‘excellent’ photoscan. Here’s how we made them excellent…

Accurate Delighting
No more rotating the model to find the “good side”. After testing most known delighting techniques, we decided on a combination of high-intensity flashes, polarization, HDR light captures and a bespoke light neutralizing node setup. It wasn’t cheap but it makes for a flawless result.

No more tweaking materials to make them match. By colour neutralizing, reflection removal, and an automated processing pipeline – we ensured each model matches how it looks in the real world.

Insane Detail
Enjoy 500,000 poly meshes and 16K textures for ultimate realism.

By doubling the typical photo coverage and calculating extra dense meshes which are then baked into normals, the model reaches a rare fidelity.

We know rocks are just one part of a bigger scene, so we created 5 levels of detail (LODs) with up to 16K textures, so you can use it in real-time gaming or upclose offline rendering.

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